C-Change Adventures Assist with Rescue at Boambee Creek on Monday 14th Jan 2013

On Monday, we were were in our ‘Office’ at Boambee Creek when a man ran up telling us that a family had been washed from the mouth of Boambee Creek. We quickly dispatched 3 kayaks with experienced paddlers to help. On the paddle out, the man who had run up, “Steve”, a surf lifesaver from Coogee Beach visiting on holidays informed us that the family had been paddling small kayaks near the mouth of the creek past the railbridge, and had been swept out into the waves. We immediately knew that this was hazardous as the creek runs very strongly past the railbridge toward the ocean particularly on an outgoing tide (which is why we do not let Hire of Kayaks beyond the Sawtell railbridge.) As we got to the mouth we could see a small child clinging to the rocks, and a further 300 metres out, two people clinging to the small kayak. We headed toward the 2 people on the kayak and just as we neared them, the Sawtell Lifeguard  Rubber Dinghy arrived. They were able to bring the 2 safely into shore and we informed them where the child on the rocks was. They were able to perform a dangerous  rescue of  the 3rd member in a Thankfully, no-one was seriously injured but we strongly advise private craft not to go past the railbridge, as it is dangerous. Thanks to “Steve” from Coogee who got someone to inform the Sawtell Lifeguards and his quick thinking to run up to our Kayak Hire Location and get us to help.


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