3What time are the tours on?

We have tours running all the time so give us a call to make sure we have space for you.

Please contact us on 0468 406 222

Generally, Sunset tours are conducted daily so that they finish just after sunset. We usually have light for between 30 minutes and an hour after sunset depending on the season.

Full Moon Tours are conducted from 5 days prior to 5 days post of the full moon.

4Bookings are essential for all tours.

What should I bring?

We supply all safety equipment PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices), Paddling Instructions and a Map. We recommend you bring:


  • A hat, sunscreen, sun-safe clothing
  • 5Definitely bring some water , it is easy to get dehydrated on the water.


  • A sense of Fun!
  • Sunsafe gear – a hat, sunscreen. Its up to you if you wear footwear or not but they will get wet.

Our Instructors are qualified Kayak and Canoe Instructors. We are able to demonstrate and show you how to paddle your kayak. If you don’t feel comfortable going out alone or wish to learn even more about kayaking, we suggest you come on a tour with us. We supply all Personal Flotation Equipment and a map paddling instructions

I’ve never done Stand Up Paddle Boarding…

That is what we love to hear! We love nothing more than getting people up and standing . In fact, we GUARENTEE that we will get you up as we are qualified instructors, MONEY BACK!

We aren’t confident swimmers

We supply all safety equipment for you including PFD’s (Personal Floatation Devices) so in the unlikely event that you fall overboard, you will float safely. Also, we will instruct you on the shore and for a small extra fee, will also come  out with you! We can instruct absolute beginners and usually do! If you’re still not confident, book an eco-tour and we’ll come out and be with you for the whole time ensuring your absolute safety!

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