We are Supporters of this great cause!

On 27 December 2013 Tony & Michael will embark on an epic 920km paddle from Brisbane to Sydney to promote men’s physical and mental Big Blue Paddlers Head To Coffs Harbour to paddle with C- Change Adventureshealth.
Tony & Michael will be departing the Brisbane CBD from the Kangaroo Point foreshore under the famous Story Bridge at 6am on 27th December 2013. The pair will commence their 920km journey to Sydney with the hope of covering between 30 to 50km per day, reachin…g Bondi Beach in New South Wales on Australia Day the 26th January 2014. The pair will have a support crew following them via car as they travel south along the coast that will rehydrate and feed the pair along their journey. As the night falls, they will scramble to the shore to eat, feed and allow their aching muscles to recover, whilst preparing themselves for the next leg the following day. Throughout the journey Tony & Michael will be updating this website with photos and videos showing the progress and obstacles faced and hopefully their efforts will prompt numerous donations to the charity, Beyond Blue.
They are hopefully planning on stopping in with us for a Coffs Harbour SUP!
Anyone who wants to come and meet these guys can hire a SUP at Coffs Harbour or a Kayak in Coffs Harbour with C-Change Adventures and we’ll paddle out to support them.
If you have your own Kayak/ canoe / boat . SUP – then come along!